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Tatiana Taveres is a creative and diligent makeup and lash artist that has a serious attention to detail and perfection… she simply will not settle for less. Tatiana graduated from Blanche Macdonald in 2009 and has been ambitiously working in the beauty industry since. She has plenty of experience working editorial shoots, independent films, weddings, music videos, headshots, special events… you name it.


Tatiana just loves to make things pretty. She has always enjoyed working with her hands and transforming things to make them as perfect as possible. She loves sharing her knowledge and opinion about pretty much everything-especially makeup and lashes.


 Whether you’re looking for something natural to uber dramatic, Tatiana is able to customize the perfect lash or makeup style that works for you specifically. Fun, chatty and extremely knowledgeable, Tatiana’s your girl. She knows what’s up. Just ask!